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November 6, 2010
Extra SLeep posted by: Colje
It is Daylight Saving Time again in North America this Sunday November 7th at 2:00 am. You are setting your clocks back 1 hour, so you will receive an extra hour of sleep.

October 31, 2010
Trick or Treat? posted by: colje
Happy Halloween!

October 9, 2010
Thanksgiving posted by: colje
Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in Canada! I am not sure what the holiday is about, but if you want to know, I am sure you can just google it up.

August 27, 2010
Summer 2010 posted by: colje
Summer holidays 2010 is almost over! That makes me sad D: Hopefully you all had a good time and hopefully you will enjoy the rest of it until it is back to school time. Until then we will be here to keep you updated with the new releases.

PS: Do the things you want now! Otherwise you will lose the time once you get older.

July 28, 2010
Starcraft II posted by: Colje
If you thought eight years was long. How about those 12 years since Starcraft was first created? Anyways, expect some delays since Starcraft II is out now and people are playing!

What do I mean by that? Well, this post is already delayed by 1 day!

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