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October 22, 2004
Manga Updaters posted by: Platinum|Star
Baka-Updates is currently looking for a few Manga Updaters. If you are interested, please contact Platinum|Star at any one of our irc channels irc.aniverse.com, irc.rizon.net, and irc.irchighway.net.

Our wallapers section has been updated. Sorry for taking so long to update it, but I'm still trying to get the hang on the new system.

Lastly, we would like to remind everyone that we do have a RSS feed. Its' URL is at http://www.baka-updates.com/rss.php

September 19, 2004
Wallpapers/Poll posted by: Platinum|Star
We are accepting more wallpapers with size limit set at a max of 1mb. Just come by our IRC channel and send them to Platinum|Star. Don't forget to put a baka-updates.com tag somewhere on the wallpaper and leave me a message after you've sent the file so that I can give out proper credits. Please don't email any wallpapers to us.

On another note, we have a new poll. We hope to implement the most wanted feature in our next update of the current site so please take part because you're at the receiving end of it all.

August 20, 2004
wallpapers posted by: Platinum|Star
Our Wallpapers are back up online. They are being generously hosted by digitalpariah. We ask everyone that uses it to use it responsibily. That is don't click on thumbnail images that you don't intend to download in the first place. This only strains the server for its bandwidth, in turn, leading us no choice but to ommit such services in the future. Any ways, enjoy this re-release. We are accepting wallpapers again. Please drop by our channel and send them to Platinum|Star and share your artistic skill with everyone. Who knows... maybe some big names are out there looking at them too.

August 5, 2004
new feats/bw usage posted by: Platinum|Star
The comment section on the News page is a new feature if you haven't noticed on the manga site so please use it to comment on the feature that you would like to see added on the anime site.

Baka-Updates is looking to purchase more bandwidth for the site in order to keep up with the high demand from the level of users that visits the site so every bit of donations help. We are also looking to other possible sources for funding our excessive high demand of bandwidth usage. Please stay tune for updates.

August 2, 2004
b-u manga posted by: Platinum|Star
We are testing a few new features on our manga site that we are considering to add for this site in our future updates. Please go have a look and tell us which new service you would like to see on this site.


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