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December 24, 2004
Happy Holidays posted by: Colje
The staff of Baka-Updates wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Although it is Christmas, we will still be here working hard to make sure you get the releases of today.

December 20, 2004
Next 2 weeks posted by: Manick
For the next two weeks, we may have trouble keeping the site online. We're currently in the process of updating server hardware, so we are on a temp host until then. Please be patient with the site until then.

Thank you,

Baka-updates Staff

November 28, 2004
Server Move posted by: Colje
I would just like to let everyone know Baka-Updates has moved their main channel from Aniverse to Rizon. The change was done due to the fact more people idle on the Rizon channel then the Aniverse channel. We have enjoyed our time on Aniverse and would like to thank them for long time support. The Aniverse channel will not be closed, but instead it will become the backup channel. We hope to see everyone on Rizon.

Staff of Baka-Updates

October 22, 2004
Manga Updaters posted by: Platinum|Star
Baka-Updates is currently looking for a few Manga Updaters. If you are interested, please contact Platinum|Star at any one of our irc channels irc.aniverse.com, irc.rizon.net, and irc.irchighway.net.

Our wallapers section has been updated. Sorry for taking so long to update it, but I'm still trying to get the hang on the new system.

Lastly, we would like to remind everyone that we do have a RSS feed. Its' URL is at http://www.baka-updates.com/rss.php

September 19, 2004
Wallpapers/Poll posted by: Platinum|Star
We are accepting more wallpapers with size limit set at a max of 1mb. Just come by our IRC channel and send them to Platinum|Star. Don't forget to put a baka-updates.com tag somewhere on the wallpaper and leave me a message after you've sent the file so that I can give out proper credits. Please don't email any wallpapers to us.

On another note, we have a new poll. We hope to implement the most wanted feature in our next update of the current site so please take part because you're at the receiving end of it all.

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