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April 6, 2012
HD Fail posted by: Colje
So I was told we had a hard drive failure that caused us to lose some information since the last backup. We will try our best to get all the releases posted back up. However we may miss some so please let us know if we do.

Staff of Baka-Updates

March 8, 2012
Spring Forward posted by: colje
Spring forward your clocks 1 hour this Sunday March 11 at 2:00am for the yearly spring edition of Daylight Savings Time!

January 22, 2012
Chinese New Year 2012 posted by: colje
Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year everyone!
We at Baka-Updates would like to wish you all the best this year, which is the Year of the Dragon.

January 1, 2012
NEW YEAR 2012 posted by: Colje

If you believe in the Mayan Calendar, we will all be doomed this year since it ends.
However, the Mayans themselves say the calendar ending means nothing to the world.
Believe what you want, but have a good year and lets all hope for the best!

December 24, 2011
Christmas 2011 posted by: colje
Hohoho Merry Christmas everyone from Baka-Updates

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