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Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Content

  • General Questions:
    • What is baka-updates?

      Baka-updates is a anime news info site. The site is constantly updated, many times a day, with new, current listing of fansub and DVDrip releases.

    • What is baka-updates manga?

      Baka-Updates manga is a subdivision of baka-updates, which like Baka-Updates is a listing of new releases but for manga.

    • How do I use baka-updates?

      We provide many services. Please refer to the specific service for a detail description of how to use that particular function.

    • To download anime episodes that is listed in the Releases pages of baka-updates, you will first need to find out where the IRC channel for the particular group that released the release is located, then you would need to join that channel and obtain the release from them. Some releases are accompanied by a BT (bittorrent) link, in which case all you'd need is to have a bt client and click on the link to download the release. For a detail description of how join and obtain releases, please read Kirika's IRC guide.

    • How do I download manga from manga.baka-updates.com?

      Please read above and substitue manga for anime.

    • How do I download wallpaper from baka-updates?

      Just click on the wallpaper that you wish to download, then right click on your mouse and save.

    • How do I submit a wallpaper to baka-updates?

      To submit a wallpaper, you can either post a link to your wallpaper in our forum under the Wallpaper/Artwork/Cosplay section. We usually check that several times a week if not daily. The second option is to come in to our IRC channel and submit your wallpaper directly to Platinum|Star. Please add a "www.baka-updates.com" somewhere in your wallper. It doesn't need to be big font or anything.

    • Where is baka-updates' IRC channel?

      We conviniently located at #baka-updates@irc.Rizon.net, where most anime channels reside.

    • How do I submit a review to baka-updates?

      When you display a review, there will be a option at the bottom right hand side that will permit reviews submission. However, review submission is only for registered users.

    • Why can't I see the BT stats?

      BT stats are only available to registered members of baka-updates. Registration is free and you will receive anything from us unless you explicitly request for them except for a confirmation email.

    • What is baka-updates forum?

      Baka-Updates forum is place for fellow anime fans to post their thoughts regarding particular series they've seen or heard of, get to meet/talk to fellow anime fans, discuss anime related/unrelated material, etc... The forum is to serve as a place for fan interaction and feedback submission to baka-updates' users that don't use IRC.

    • What is IRC?

      IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. Please look for detail in google or elsewhere.

    • What is BT?

      BT stands for bittorrent and is a recent hit for file sharing. For details, please look it up in google.

    • What is BU|Bot?

      BU|Bot is a IRC bot that we run in all of our irc channels which will report new releases and accept new release announcements. BU|Bot makes it convinient for IRC users, saving them time by simply typing a simple trigger such as !newsubs to see a list of fansubs that was recently released. For a complete list of functionalities, please type !bottriggers in our channel.

    • Where is baka-updates' RSS feed?


    • How do I register for the site?

      Click reigster next to the sign in fields.

    • How do I report errors/bugs for the site?

      You can either post the error in our forum under Tech support or talk to one of our operators in our IRC channel.

    • How are you able to provide this service for free?

      We don't profit from this service. We are able to maintain this service for free thanks to everyone that has generously donated. The donations are very helpful in offsetting the increasingly expensive hosting, domain, and other services charges that were imposed due to the popularity and widespread of the site.

  • Fansubbers Questions: