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About Us

Baka-Updates is a free service brought to you by fellow anime fans.
This site focuses on updates and news about the most recent anime releases by the digital fansubbing groups.

Baka-Updates do not own / imply ownership of any of the images used in the site. All images belong to their repective owners. Baka-Updates' members and its host is not liable for any of the contents displayed in this site. All contents are owned by Baka-Updates, unless explicitly written; therefore, may not be regenerated without solicit consents from one of the founders of Baka-Updates. Please also take note that all the contents submitted to Baka-Updates will become properties of Baka-Updates, but we will give you all the credits for the contents that you have submitted.

Baka-Updates is located on irc.rizon.net

To join our channel:
1. connect to rizon by typing /server irc.rizon.net in your mIRC scripts
2. type /join #baka-updates
see you all there

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Baka-Updates was founded on July 20th, 2002 by:
y2klizard, aZn_nUt, Platinum|Star, ^_^Teddie

Please join us on mirc at #baka-updates@irc.rizon.net